Uneven breasts Causes – How to Fix It?

Has it ever happened to you that your bra fits properly on one side, but is a bit too large for the other one? Or maybe the difference between the two is that big so you can notice it even with the naked eye? Before concluding that your breasts are uneven, note that this might just be your delusion. Due to the everyday stress at work and home, you might have run into a mental problem. Just try to relax.

uneven breast solution

Breast size asymmetry is when a woman’s breasts differ in shape, size and position. This is a problem that many women face nowadays, anywhere from teenagers to adult persons. Around 50% of all women have uneven breasts, whereas 25% of them have consistent difference between their breasts.

In fact, uneven breasts are not that big problem as women think. It can occur due to many different factors.

Causes of Uneven Breasts

It hasn’t been scientifically confirmed what causes asymmetric breasts yet. Some of the theories include traumas and hormonal changes in your body. Uneven distribution of body fats may cause one breast to grow bigger. It might also be that your skeleton is asymmetric which causes uneven breasts.

How to Fix Uneven Breasts in a Natural Way?

Fortunately, there are natural ways to fix uneven breasts. You should avoid breast enlargement surgery and it may create problem.

  • Choose the right bra

If difference between your breasts’ size is heavily noticeable, go for the bra that will fit your bigger breast. Although the other cup will have some remaining gaps, you can always fill it up with breast pads. This will give you some extra time and confidence until you solve the problem. At the same time, you might get back in the adolescence, when using breast pads was inevitable. You should avoid breast enhancement pumps as using it wrongly create breast size issue.

  • Exercise pectoral muscles

The truth is that breasts are mostly made out of body fat. However, below them are hidden pectoral muscles which affect the overall size of breasts. You should start to practice chest presses. Use lighter dumbbells when doing exercises.

  • Body wrap

Okay, this might not sound appealing to you, but you should consider the option. No one likes walking around wrapped up in a piece of plastic. Use body wrap on your bigger breast only, 2-3 times a week. You can use triactol bust serum to fix your breast size.

  • Massage

However, not the regular type of massage. Whole massage should be focused on your smaller breast only, with the aim of stimulating growth of the muscles and production of prolactin. You can also apply the same massage on your bigger girl, but you shouldn’t overdrive with it.

Best Breast Firming Creams

If none of the natural methods has worked for you, you should try using some breast firming creams. You can easily find breast firming creams in the local shop. However, be careful when choosing products that could affect your health. Some of our recommendations are written below.

Total Curve cream is based on 100% safe ingredients and it has no side effects. It is a reliable product available on many online stores, so make sure to check it out.

Breast Actives is an all-natural product that rejuvenates the skin on your breasts and makes them look firmer and curvier. It includes both topical cream and nutritional supplement. It is ranked highly as the number one breast enhancement cream. You should also try 2much breast cream if you are ordering from India, as Breast actives and Total curve are not available for certain countries.

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