How to Get Pink Nipples – Areola Lightening Creams

Pink nipples are often seen as extremely sexually appealing more than the brown ones. Checkout the review some areola lightening creams out there. Most importantly, people are used to the thought that pink nipples stands for virginity, youthfulness over the brown nipples.

In fact according to Faster Times dailies, ladies expressed great displeasure with the color or appearance of their own nipples, saying that black brown nipples are unattractive, while soft perky pink ones are very cute. Also there’s a norm in china that pink nipples stands for purity, while the black ones do not.

Areola Lightening Cream for pink nipples

Natural herbs that can make your nipples pink

We have put down some helpful domestic remedies that would enable you make your areolas or nipples softer and pinker.

  • Lemon juice extract: The most prevalent used item for this reason is the juice of lemon. Extract its juice and include a little honey and perhaps maybe some yogurt. Rub on areolas/nipples and allow it dry for 40 minutes. Wash off with running water and repeat the same procedure twice a week.
  • Alternatively use oranges/cucumber/honey/milk or avocados if you are not chanced to get lemon juice. These also serve effectively for lightning the area.

Caspah – Best Areola Lightening Cream

There are many real and positive reviews about the Caspah lotion. I am sure this could make me sound like marketer/salesman, but frankly I am not trying to be one here. Caspah is a highly effective cream for sensitive areas such as the nipples. The company seems to stand solidly behind their product “although I have never for once attempted a return” and one thing I really love most about caspah is the fact that they only sell the lotion on their own official site and at reputable spas and big salons. That alone makes me think and come to a conclusion that they care about their customers well being.

Cons of Caspah lotion:

International shipping is supposed to be a bit lesser. Paying $19.95 shipping fee for orders outside America seems a bit high. But hey, they send via priority mail which is more faster than the normal standard shipping. If you are International customer then make sure to order in bulk to reduce your shipping cost.

Pros of Caspah nipple lightning Cream:

  • It is highly effective – Caspah is one of the major and best acting intimate lightning creams out there in the market.
  • It definitely has some of the best price tags for intimate lightning lotion other than most lotions.
  • Good smell – This might probably sound silly but I really love the scent of Caspah.

How to use Caspah to get pink nipple?

If you want to excel with the progress of your nipple lightening, keep making use of the item regularly, You would be surprised at the amount of people I have spoken to that were kind of disappointed in the lightning process and whenever I questioned them further, they usually admit to using the lotion only just once or twice in a week or even month, sometimes not even close that. This goes for any nipple lightening product, not just Caspah only. If you are going to make use of it and you want good results then you must use it regularly as inscribed in the instructions, if you do not use it regularly well enough, you might get disappointed.

Safe for other body parts: Caspah is safe for use not only on the nipple; you can also use it for vaginal bleaching and anal bleaching.

What people are saying about caspah nipple lightning cream:

First heard about this cream from a colleague at work. I am an exotic dancer so a whole lot of us make use of it. I am from the Latin descent so it effectively helped to lighten my nipple areas including the vaginal area and the ass – Sally H.

This is how you can make your nipples pink colors. Make sure to use only best Areola Lightening Cream else you may harm your sensitive part. Caspah is made up from 100% natural ingredients and offers 100% Satisfaction guarantee too.

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