Chiyomilk Breast Growth Program – Before After Results

Chiyomilk Breast Growth Program review of real result: For all you folks who have been trying (and failing) to increase their mammary glands, we have good news for you: It can be done! And the best part is you can do it naturally.

What is ChiyoMilk Breast Growth Program?

Chiyomilk breast program was created by a Japanese lady called Chiyomilk. Following this program, she successfully enlarged her breasts by three cups!

Chiyomilk breast program result
Chiyomilk Result – Before After Photos

Before she commenced her breast enlargement program –which would later be dubbed ‘The Chiyomilk Breast Program’– Chiyomilk was just a B cup size.

But merely three years after the commencement of the Chiyomilk breast growth program, this lady had grown her mammary glands to an E cup size! And the best part? She did it all naturally using breast enlargement supplements!

So how did she achieve this amazing feat? Well dedication, patience and a bit of persistence.

What Exactly Did Chiyomilk Use To Increase Her Breast Size?

Well this remarkable feat did not come easy, it did not happen overnight, and it certainly did not come cheap.

Chiyomikl used a variety of herbs and supplements. They are:

  1. Pueraria Mirifica

Pueraria Mimifica or more commonly known as PM is a herb native to the northern lands of Thailand. It contains naturally occurring Phystoestrogens which are known to contribute to balancing hormone levels in bodies of females. It is known to facilitate the growth and development of larger and firmer breasts.

This wondrous God sent plant has a ton of benefits to the female physiology: Asides from improving the hormone levels, it also helps reduce the negative aspects of menopause e.g mood swings and cardiovascular disorders.

Chiyomilk would take PM whenever her period commenced and she continued taking it through her follicular phase. Breast success pill also contain natural herbs to give you perky and firmer boobs.

  1. Whitex

Asides from her daily consumption of Pueraria Mimifica, Chiyomilk also drank whitex which (contains  pig placenta supplement and hyaluronic acid) daily to help facilitate the growth of her mammary glands.

We know what you are thinking. “Pig placenta supplements Yuck!”

We know it is kind of gross, but Placentas have been used in Chinese medicines for centuries. Those of pigs possess rejuvenating and anti aging effects. Most people were not aware of the benefits of Pig placenta consumption, but when Chiyomilk got popular, well she let the secret out.

The pig placenta contains  growth factors, hormones, antibodies and other supplements that can rejuvenate organic tissue such as a female’s breasts.

It may be gross. But this little guy is packed with wonders!

The other down side of the supplement is its price. It is rather expensive (About 100 USD for a month worth of Supply). But don’t fret, there is an alternative supplements you can use instead. We recommend Maruman’s placenta which costs about 20 Dollars for a month’s worth of Supply.

  1. B up Drop

B up drop is a herbal blend made up of Glucose, Lemon Juice Powder, Saw palmetto extract powder and wild yam just to mention a few.

Chiyomilk takes this less powerful herb instead of Pueraria Mimifica during her Luteal Phase so as not to botch her menstrual cycle. She would take her temperature every morning, and when it dropped, she would know she was entering her luteal phase

B up drop doesn’t come cheap. The retail price is about 200 Dollars, but not to worry, B up drop can be substituted with ‘Total Curve Supplement’

Total Curve – The Best Breast Growth Supplement

The Total curve supplement pill is made up of carefully selected herbs, antioxidants and hormone balancer and it has been clinically proven to increase the breast size with consistent usage.

It also comes in massage gels which contain Volufiline.

Volufilline interacts with the fatty tissue in the cells, making them to grow in quantity and volume, which in turn increases the breast size

These two –the pill and the gel- work in unison to improve the overall breast size! This is one of the safest and cost effective methods to increase your breasts. It also works very fast. Changes are seen in less than 2 months. It has been clinically tested and proven by many women.

Unlike B up Drop that goes for 200 USD, you can get your hands on the Total curve supplement for about 80 Dollars for a month’s worth of Supply.

Still a bit on the high side you might say, but it’s worth every penny! Share your experience and inputs about Chiyomilk Breast Enlargement Program.

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