Career tips

These are the best career tips

Write the perfect application

You don’t have to change your job if you enjoy good prospects with your current employer. However, if you do not see the career opportunities that you want there, or if you want to change jobs for other reasons, your application will largely decide on success or failure. This also applies if you are just getting started, almost shortly before starting your career, and want to ensure the best possible starting position. In each of these cases, it is important to write the perfect application while taking into account the most important trends of 2021. You can also use this for an internal application, for example for a higher (management) position:

  • Keep the cover letter short but meaningful.
  • Decorate your résumé with concrete successes and references, instead of just boring data.
  • Use the social networks passively to round off your personal “branding” or actively, for example, to contact potential employers.
  • Make your application, especially the résumé, interesting but computer-friendly so that the information can be read out automatically.
  • Get creative and market yourself, for example, through an applicant blog or an applicant video.

Before you write your application, it is worthwhile to familiarize yourself with the current recruiting trends and thus to set up not just any, but the perfect application. This will take you one big step closer to your career goals.

Become the best version of yourself

Admittedly, self-optimization is not a new trend, but one that will continue. To develop yourself further, to learn from your own mistakes, and to challenge yourself again and again – these are long-term favorites when it comes to career tips. As is well known, life means constant change and changes can be an improvement if you recognize this opportunity and use it correctly. It is therefore important to develop yourself further on a professional as well as a personal level, for which you can use some of the numerous digital offers that are available. But even if, sooner or later, “normal” face-to-face events such as seminars or further training are possible again, you should not miss this opportunity. In addition to self-optimization, you will enjoy another great advantage for your career, namely new contacts for your professional network.

Helpful Career Tips

Exercise patience

But it may not just be that you have to wait for the opportunity to participate in a classic advanced training or similar event in the coming months. It may also be that your desired career progress is a long time coming. You should take a realistic look at the question of whether your goals are realistic, and if so, when. Perhaps the first lesson for you in the coming year is that you sometimes have to be patient and wait for the right moment. Making excessive demands in an economically difficult situation or even threatening to resign can actually have the opposite effect and mean a career regression or even a job loss. It will therefore be more important to suggest to the employer that you are loyal and an indispensable service provider even in difficult times. Then your chances of getting a promotion are good as soon as the company is back in calmer waters.

But don’t wait too long

You need to show sensitivity and check whether the company is actually having difficulties. If you conclude that your claims are justified and realistic, you should stand up for them. Many people make the mistake of not claiming credit for their achievements and thereby missing out on important career opportunities. Nevertheless, it is important to come up with convincing arguments instead of begging or making (empty) threats.