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Make home office “ready for Christmas”: To-dos before the holiday

Create a to-do list

It is best not to start preparing for the Christmas holiday on the last working day but in good time. It, therefore, makes sense to set up a to-do list around a week before the start of your vacation. This should contain all those things that you want or have to do professionally before the first day of vacation. It is best to assign corresponding periods of time with sufficient buffer to the individual points so that you can work through everything stress-free. Because unfinished business usually stays in the back of your mind even on vacation and can spoil your Christmas season.

Write a Not-To-Do list

At the same time, you can and should write a not-to-do list to avoid all those mistakes that you make every year: Check your e-mails while on vacation, everything for the last working day postpones or other little things that you have already burdened you in the past before or during the Christmas vacation.

Make work “invisible”

Because work should be “invisible” to you on Christmas vacation. It is best to have your own study available, which will be quickly locked and ignored over the holidays. Of course, this is not possible everywhere. If the desk is in the field of vision at home, you should empty it. Papers are filed, the laptop disappears into the pocket and is then stowed on the shelf, the business cell phone is switched off and packed away, and so on.

Out of sight, out of mind, is a well-known saying. Only when the work is not piling up on your desk, and you are not constantly reminded of your job can you get other thoughts. In the home office, it is therefore important to draw clearer boundaries during the Christmas vacation. Nevertheless, you should of course find everything again without any problems when the first working day comes after your vacation.

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Clarify your availability

Switching off the business mobile phone should only be done in consultation with the manager. So if you are unsure whether you have to be available on Christmas vacation and which channels, you should have a (digital) conversation with your boss in advance. In principle, he must not ask you to be available on your vacation – home office or not. Nevertheless, there may be individual cases in which this is necessary and compensated accordingly. Otherwise, hands off your business cell phone, e-mail inbox, etc. during the Christmas holiday!

Send a Christmas greeting

Finally, you shouldn’t forget to say goodbye to your colleagues, boss, etc. before you actually close your laptop and go on holiday for a few days or weeks. Usually, this farewell takes place in person on the last working day in the office when you leave work. This is not possible in the home office, but it is still important. So send a short Christmas greeting, be it by email or a quick (video) call, and wish your team a Merry Christmas. Not only can you clarify the last few questions, but above all, you maintain your social relationships so that your return to work is all the more pleasant. In this sense: Merry Christmas!