Breast Ptosis Grade – How to Cure Ptosis?

Breast sagging or ptosis occurs as a result of a massive weight loss, pregnancy, breastfeeding or advances in age. Sagging of the breast is usually accompanied by a loss of self-esteem. Therefore many women would do anything to have a firmer, perky breast.

What Are the Breast PTOSIS Grade?

breast PTOSIS grade

The first step to identifying the degree of breast ptosis that you have is to have a self-examination of your inframammary crease. (The junction where your breast meets your chest). Take your bra, shirt off and place a ruler at the crease, then record the following observations:

  1. Breast Ptosis Grade 1 – Mild Ptosis: if your nipple is slightly above or directly on top of the ruler.
  2. Breast Ptosis Grade 2 – Mild to Moderate Ptosis: if your nipple is 1-3 cm below the top of the ruler.
  3. Breast Ptosis Grade 3 – Severe Ptosis: if your nipple is more than 3 cm below the top of the ruler.
  4. Pseudo-Ptosis: Due to milk production, your breast develops a large, flattened breast lobe. However, your nipple will still be above the ruler (crease).
  5. Mild Ptosis with Asymmetry:If your areolae are stretched out, or your breasts are too low on your chest wall.

Once it has been established the grade of breast ptosis you have, the next step is to seek for the right form of treatment to tackle the sagging of your breast.

Why Should You Cure Breast PTOSIS?

Every woman would love to have perky, firm and sexy breasts and will do anything to have it remain that way for life! Sadly, nature does not cooperate, so the breast would finally begin to lose its elasticity and firmness leading to sagging. If you are looking for proven solution to fix saggy breasts then you should read my below section. I tried to cover reliable and affordable ways to get perky boobs quickly without surgery.

How to Care Sagging Breast?

Although most women prefer to correct saggy breasts via surgery, another reliable option to surgery is to opt for natural firming creams. Aside from the fact that surgeries are extremely expensive and do not always deliver the desired results in most cases, you also have to worry about possible side effects that could occur because of breast enhancement surgeries.

These two breast enhancement creams have a proven track record to offer effective solutions that lead to perky, firmer and attractive looking breasts.

  1. TotalCurve: This 100% natural breast firming cream increases your breast, makes it perky and sexy without any side effects. Use Total Curve for 7-8 weeks, and you will notice positive changes in your breast.
  2. Brestrogen is a natural breast enhancement cream for women that want firmer, full breasts without any side effects. It is formulated with PuerariaMirifica, rich in phytoestrogens that are vital for breast enlargement. Application of the cream twice daily and you will start seeing noticeable changes in about 2- 3 weeks.

Not every woman is blessed with firm, perky and lifted breasts. If you are amongst the women struggling to have perky firm breasts and free yourself from the devastating blow it dealt on your self-confidence, then this post is for you. Finally, pills to have bigger, firmer and perky breasts that boost your confidence and makes you look attractive is here.

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