Brava Breast Enhancement System Review

Brava Breast Enhancement System Review: Breast enlargement pumps are one of the best media to increase the breast size. Technology has changed rapidly. Earlier which was felt impossible is now possible with the help of technology. The best part of it is that it doesn’t affect hormones.  The phenomenon involved in it is known as tissue expansion.  In this process, certain suction is applied to breast tissues and there is an increase in blood flow and tissue growth. This process results in expansion of breast and breast size is enhanced. This process acts on mammary gland and increases new breast cells. Brava Breast Enhancement System is one of the best in the market.

brava breast enhancement pump review

Review of Brava Breast Enhancement System

It is electric breast pump. It takes around 10 weeks and a minimum of 10 hours per day of work to give visible results. Women who have used this product have said that their breast size was increased Up to ½ to 2 cup sizes. Results are mostly depends on individual biological factors, frequency, and duration of use. It is also seen that if the user wants to grow more then they need to use this product. There is a strong positive correlation between both increase in breast size and Brava Breast Enhancement pump. It is priced from $900-$2000 and it depends on upon which location user is ordering. The user can easily buy this such products (i.e Max bust 36, Brava etc) from Amazon and e-bay.

Pros of Brava Breast Enhancement System

  1. It can work even while sleeping: – The best part of it is that it can be used while sleeping.
  2. Very efficient: – This product slowly but gives very fruitful results. It slowly acts on breast tissues.
  3. Permanent Result: – The increase in the breast which user has got achieved after using this product will be forever and after stop using this product for a long time also the change would not be there.
  4. Convenient to use: – It doesn’t cause any hurt and applies a gentle suction to the breast over a long period of time. It also increase your areola size, so you look sexy.


  1. Slow process: – It requires near around 10 weeks giving any visible results.
  2. It requires a user to be back sleepers:- User needs to sleep on their back to using this product while sleeping.
  3. Very costly: – It is quite expensive as compared to other products in this category.

How to Use Brava Breast Enlargement Pump?

The user needs to use it for 10 weeks and with minimum 10 hours per day to see a visible result. The user just needs to wear Brava and gentle pressure is applied on tissues for breast enhancement. It carries a smart box which controls everything. The user can use this product without any pain along with progesterone cream.

Why is Noogleberry better than Brava System?

Noogleberry is almost 100$ cheaper than Brava System. It gives better customer support than Brava. The user has more control over this as they can increase the rate of suction as per their needs. It is also a fast process and which gives the faster result as compared to Brava. It should be noted that both of these breast enlargement pumps are far better than bustmaxx and other pills.


Brava and Noogleberry are two best products in this category which are available in the market. Now it is not dreamt to increase the breast size. The user should not crib about the smaller breast size they should use it and should enhance their breast size. Best part is that, If you apply some breast firming cream and then use this pump then result will be far better. You may see pink nipple that you always wish to have.

If you have any query about my review of brava breast enhancement pump and system then you can post your comment here.

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